About Us

We know that children learn through play... Why shouldn't adults learn through Plays?

We call it #Entertrainment

Social Learning Theory (Bandura) tells us people learn through observation.

Workplace learning needs to be stimulating enough to grab the audience’s attention, have an element of humour to boost retention and offer the opportunity to practice and reproduce new behaviours.

Our solution is to offer a range of learning interventions that cover how people develop by watching, feeling, thinking and most importantly doing;

  • Live Events
  • Highly Participative Workshops & Tailored Coaching Sessions
  • Interactive video

We always apply an appropriate duty of care and sensitivity in creating a safe, non-judgemental ‘rehearsal room’ learning environment.

Role play does not need to include ritual humiliation!

Participants feel comfortable to challenge themselves and each other, by taking risks and trying things out, without the burden of perfection.

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