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How Act Naturally Helped Tim’s Public Speaking Skills

Do you want to learn more about Act Naturally as a corporate training provider? Deeson Director, Tim Deeson, shared his experience about what it was like using our services and how they helped him overcome his challenges when it came to public speaking.

Tim Deeson decided to take action and expand his public speaking skills, as he had an upcoming presentation in Barcelona and it was important that this aspect shined. He decided he wanted to deliver a presentation that was honest, personable and showed off his character, rather than an over-rehearsed, technical and dry run-through of how his business could help his clients.

Not only did he impress by giving a fun and original presentation, he also achieved positive recruitment results through the enthusiasm he demonstrated when speaking in public – an aspect that he didn’t expect.

Take a look at Tim’s video below and listen to what he has to say about our corporate training workshops.

If you are like Tim and want to show off your business’ personality through presentations, you have come to the right place. We believe that through the right training, your company can have the edge by executing a confident and seamless delivery through your public speaking skills.

We also take the time to listen to what you need and learn about your business and client demographic. We believe that it is important to learn about your business’ background, as this will help us aid you with your presentation and public speaking skills. Not only will the training help you for a particular presentation, but it will offer skills that you can take with you for the future and give you advice to relieve stress associated with public speaking.

Act Naturally, located in London, can not only give a helping hand with your presentation skills, but we can also help you with leadership skills that will help you to influence others and change management, when your company is wanting to head into a new direction and needs the team to come together and collaborate. Get in touch through our website or you can ring us on 0203 627 3403.

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