Leadership Talking

Increase The Influence Of Leaders’ Communication

Nearly a century of leadership theories from Lewin’s framework to Hersey-Blanchard situational & Burns’ transformational, all lead to one conclusion

One style of leadership doesn’t fit all the people in all situations. Do you keep your distance, lead by example or play the patient coach?

How do we evolve leadership from adding value through instruction, to multiplying the talents of others through enabling innovation?

Our approach focuses on leadership agility and the modern day require being able to adapt style quickly and seize coachable moments.

Most leaders know the right thing to do; it’s more a question of timing…

Le-Jit Leadership ® gives the real-time opportunity to direct ‘Brad’ & ‘Slaine’ as they navigate their way through challenging leadership situations.

Workshops and coaching sessions explore the levers of influence, building trust and motivating action, while holding people accountable.


Le-Jit Leadership ®

What is it?

Bite Size corporate theatre & simulation practice sessions

Who should attend?

Leaders wanting to develop their coaching and mentoring skills

How can it be relevant to our business?

The content & context corporate theatre and simulations are written to align with the ‘real life’ of leaders in your business.

Where’s the return for the investment?

Knowing when and how to vary the style of leadership makes for a more motivated & resilient workforce, which can deliver ‘growth under pressure’

Interested in seeing Brad & Slaine in action?

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Hear from one of our recent clients

Please watch the video and drop us a line at info@CorporActLive.com or call 0203 627 3403