Personal & Public Impact Skills

Help Employees With Presenting Or Public Speaking

Even if we’re busting the Mehrabian myth, people at work still want to create the right impression when they present or speak in public.

The future of communication seems to be about making your point quickly, using stories and being authentic, in sound bites.

For some of us connecting our feelings to the message, adapting our style to the audience or being more assertive, when we speak, can be a challenge.

So how can we develop your personal and public impact skills without exposing or criticising abilities and encourage people out of their communication comfort zone?

Our approach focuses on creating the right environment to try different delivery styles in a safe environment and refining the good stuff that’s already there.

If there’s laughter along the way, that’s great, but we do avoid the ‘F’ word (fun)

My First Trainers ® set’s out the theory of effective communication in a live show; our hosts Clive Spongee and Joleon Joyce really lower the bar for everyone else!

Workshops and Coaching sessions provide the opportunity to test the theory and try out techniques in small groups with relevant business content.


My First ®

Who should attend?

Employees wanting to increase their confidence and skills in presenting.

How can we make it relevant to our business?

Industry themes and ‘in-jokes’ written into Clive & Joleon’s ‘live’ facilitation notes. Specific development objectives covered in group sessions.

Where’s the return for the investment?

Learn the theory from a safe distance, practice and refine technique in private, and give confidence to deliver in public.

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