Dealing With Change

Would You Like To Embed Change Faster In Your Business?

Surprisingly the success rate of major change iniatives is only around 54%

How can we help you be in the right half of that statistic?

Our approach focuses on making the distinction between communication and engagement, a common reason why change iniatives fail.

Rock and A Hard Place ® get’s everyone involved from the start, giving your people the opportunity to face their feelings in private, while watching.

Workshops and Coaching sessions support the formal, information led, change process by addressing the company’s thinking and feeling culture.

Ultimately success comes from doing, businesses get there faster through collaboration rather than dictatorship and thereby avoiding change fatigue.


Rock and a Hard Place ®

What is it?
Bite Size corporate theatre & facilitated workshop.

Who should attend?
Any team involved in a period of change

How can we make it relevant to our business?
Content can be tailored to the specific issues you’re facing

Where’s the return for the investment?
Get the issues out early in a safe environment and build employee resilience & confidence

Interested in finding out more?
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Please watch the video and drop us a line at or call 0203 627 3403