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#TrainingCrimes: Confessions from the Training Trenches

Act Naturally are pleased to announce that in association with DPG (Developing People Globally; CIPD Training Experts), we have released a series of videos singling out #TrainingCrimes. Act Naturally know that to develop a business, it’s important that companies invest into their employees, so their skills expand and the company has a stronger workforce.

Two of Act Naturally’s own, Joleon Joyce and Clive Spongee, are here to point out your company’s training crimes and how you can prevent them. From not picking the correct training programmes for particular departments or re-enrolling employees on the same workshop without seeing effective results, Joleon are Clive can tell you exactly what to avoid so you don’t commit any #TrainingCrimes.

Watch our first trailer here to find out more about what you can expect from our videos.


Look out for our first #TrainingCrimes video, which will be published next month on our YouTube channel. Our first episode will be looking at training needs and how to analyse them, so you can ensure that your work body is getting suitable training for their needs, which will result in a stronger workforce.

Don’t be a training criminal! If you feel that it may have been some time since you last enrolled your team, get in touch today. Act Naturally is London’s leading training provider and through live shows, workshops, coaching and interactive video, we can teach you to tackle a range of skills. From improving your confidence in the boardroom to executing the perfect pitch, it’s our aim to make training engaging and accelerate your confidence in the workplace.

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