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#TrainingCrimes: Training Needs Analysis

Welcome to Act Naturally’s first #TrainingCrimes webisode in association with DPG!

Our #TrainingCrimes webisodes offer you quick tips that analyse your training needs, by singling out past mistakes that have been commonly made when companies approach training workshops.

In our first episode, our Training Experts Jolyon Joyce and Clive Spongee take you on a whirlwind adventure about “Training Needs Analysis”. This will show you what not to do when preparing to send your employees on training courses and workshops. Jolyon and Clive highlight the dangers of not researching the correct training for a specific department or re-enrolling them on the same course that hasn’t reaped positive benefits or feedback.

Take a look at #TrainingCrimes webisode one and let us know what you think…

We understand that time is precious when it comes to your business and that is why we stress the importance of researching the correct workshops for your employees, so you don’t waste hours enrolling them on multiple, useless courses.

It’s also important to think about the learning environment that will benefit your company. With business now being digital, it’s a common fact that information has never been easier to learn or as easily accessibly because of the internet, particularly YouTube. Millennials have been brought up with Google search as their go-to encyclopaedia, so naturally there has been an increase in popularity for online tutorials and videos.

Online video might be helpful for a particular need or employee, but if there is a department that needs to improve one particular skill, then interactive workshops could be the answer. Whatever the need is for your business, think about the best environment that will help you and your business develop and excel.
Are you looking to train your company? Act Naturally are London’s leading training provider. We deliver interactive, thoughtful and engaging workshops and courses that encompass subjects like personal and public impact skills, leading and influencing others and helping your company deal with change in the business. Once you have decided (or need help deciding) what would be the best route of training for your business, get in touch through our website, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Keep an eye out for webisode two of our #TrainingCrimes series and in the meantime, don’t be a training criminal!

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